Bill Ackman Warns CNBC That ‘Hell is Coming’ in Stunning Interview: ‘America Will End as We Know It’

Billionaire investor William Ackman, who has long worried about the serious risks posed by the coronavirus, urged the Trump administration to close the United States for a month to curb the outbreak on Wednesday..

«The only answer is to close the borders for the next 30 days, Akman tweeted. – Tell all Americans that you are sending us on extended spring break home to family».

Ackman, who has about 31,000 Twitter followers but rarely tweets, switched to President Donald Trump‘s preferred communications platform to contact the administration and share his plan of action with the country. His tweets were popular and retweeted hundreds of times in the last hour..

«The moment you send everyone home for spring break and close the borders, the infection rate will plummet, the stock market will skyrocket and the clouds will disperse.», – wrote Akman in the second tweet.

A manager with ties to leading banking and wealth management executives around the world who attended meetings of the U.S. central bank’s investment advisory committee on financial markets, has no special relationship with the Trump administration and has not been in touch with anyone behind the scenes, a source told Reuters..

Most likely, he believes that citizens like him urgently need to appeal to the government to take more decisive measures, the agency’s source believes..

Wall Street stocks should have rallied again in the open, as they did on Tuesday after Monday’s sharp drop..

American Investor Ackman Tweets: Shut Down The Country

Akman, who runs a $ 6.5 billion investment firm Pershing Square Capital Management in New York City, has already followed his own advice and moved his family, including his parents, out of town a few weeks ago..

A top manager privately said that he spends a lot of time thinking about so-called events «black swan», he began to worry about the potentially catastrophic impact of the coronavirus on public health and the economy many weeks ago.

Trying to protect his portfolio, Akman told investors last week that he had taken hedging measures that helped bring the swing back to gains in early March from losses in late February..

Akman’s publicly traded hedge fund grew 58% last year, making it one of the best in the industry. Earlier this year, he sold his position at Starbucks before shares in the coffee chain plunged about 34% amid warnings to avoid restaurants, bars and cafes..

Ackman has traditionally sided with the Democrats and supported Senator Corey Booker and Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who are running for the White House, but he has never hesitated to convey his views to the Trump administration on the need to bolster infrastructure or push for corporate tax reform..

American Investor Ackman Tweets: Shut Down The Country

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