Apple rejected one of the new updates to the Facebook online events app, which was supposed to inform users that Apple is taking 30% of its purchases..

Facebook has reported that Apple has referred to an App Store rule that prevents developers from showing users «irrelevant» information.

«Now, more than ever, we need to be able to help people understand where the money they intend to invest in small businesses is actually going to. Unfortunately Apple has rejected our transparency notice regarding their 30% tax, but we are still working to make this information available inside the app.», – Facebook said in a statement.

Earlier this month, Facebook said it plans to release a new tool, a feature for online events., which will allow businesses to conduct them on a paid basis to offset the loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company said it asked Apple to waive 30% of the iPhone maker’s fee for in-app purchases so that Facebook can pass on all event proceeds to business owners, but Apple refused..

To inform users of Apple’s commission, Facebook instead planned to add a line to the iPhone app informing users that «Apple takes 30% of the purchase amount».

Facebook also planned to inform users on the Google Play store from Alphabet Inc. that it would not charge any ticket sales for online events, but that message was also not displayed in the app, Reuters found out..

Apple did not allow Facebook to post its 30% commission on the App Store

However, the social network said that if users make the same purchase elsewhere, whether online or via an app on their Android phone, small businesses will retain 100% of their income..

In recent weeks, leading app makers have begun to oppose Apple and its App Store policies. Epic Games, for example, tested Apple’s policy, bypassing the 30% rule through updating its popular Fortnite game, and then suing after Apple removed the game from the App Store..

Facebook is also in dispute with Apple over new iPhone privacy rules that will require additional notifications before tracking users in apps..

Both companies, along with other tech giants Alphabet and Amazon, face multiple investigations of alleged anti-competitive behavior..

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