COVID-19: AstraZeneca to start clinical trials combining own vaccine with Sputnik V’s

The British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca announced that it will soon begin work with the Russian State Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamalei to see if their two potential coronavirus vaccine candidate developments can be successfully combined.

The event comes after developers of the Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine reached out to AstraZeneca via Twitter late last month to see if they should try to combine the two vaccines based on the common cold virus to improve effectiveness..

«The ability to combine different COVID-19 vaccines can be helpful in improving protection and / or increasing vaccine availability. This is why it is important to explore different combinations of vaccines to make immunization programs more flexible, giving doctors more choice when administering vaccines.», – said in a statement AstraZeneca.

«It is also likely that combining vaccines can lead to increased immunity over a longer period of time.», – added biopharmaceutical company.

The AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, created in collaboration with the University of Oxford, is one of several seeking regulatory approval in the medical field amid growing hopes that a mass vaccination campaign will help end the pandemic..

More than 69 million people worldwide have contracted the coronavirus to date, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, of whom 1.58 million have died from the disease..

Data published in the medical journal The Lancet this week showed that the AstraZeneca vaccine has an average efficacy of 70.4%, based on the totality of interim data from recent clinical trials. The vaccine also proved to be safe and effective..

Russia Says Sputnik V Is More Than 90% Effective In Preventing Human Infection With Coronavirus, Citing Preliminary Results From Ongoing Trials.

AstraZeneca will work on combinations of vaccines against Covid-19 with Russian developers Sputnik V

The Russian Direct Investment Fund, which funded the development of Sputnik V, said clinical trials of the AstraZeneca vaccine in combination with its own will begin later this month..

«AstraZeneca’s decision to conduct clinical trials using one of the two Sputnik V vectors to improve the effectiveness of its own vaccine is an important step towards joining forces in the fight against the pandemic.», – stated Kirill Dmitriev (Kirill Dmitriev), CEO, Russian Direct Investment Fund.

«We welcome the start of this new phase of collaboration between vaccine manufacturers. We are determined to build on this partnership in the future and to start co-production after a new vaccine demonstrates its effectiveness in clinical trials.», – said Dmitriev.

Chief Editor of The Lancet, Doctor Richard Horton (Richard Horton) told CNBC on Wednesday that the AstraZeneca vaccine has «clear comparative advantage» in front of other leading candidates. He also argued that this is the component that is likely to be able to immunize the world. «more efficient and faster», than its counterparts.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is a viral vector inoculation based on an attenuated version of the common cold virus that causes infections in chimpanzees. It is designed to trick the immune system into attacking a coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 if it later infects the body.

AstraZeneca will work on combinations of vaccines against Covid-19 with Russian developers Sputnik V

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