In the bestselling book Circe, selected by WarnerMedia for the upcoming launch of HBO Max streaming service, the daughter of the Greek god Helios tames wild beasts and threatens the gods.

WarnerMedia executives want «Circe» drew the attention of young viewers to the company’s belated entry into the war for the streaming video market.

According to the head of AT&T, HBO Max, which will feature HBO plus films, original broadcasts and classic TV shows such as «Friends», will be available starting this spring for 10 million AT customers&T who are also HBO subscribers in the United States at no additional charge. COO John Stankey first unveiled ‘this information in an interview with Reuters.

This is the subset of customers who currently pay for owned AT&T products like DirecTV or AT&T.

By 2025 AT&T plans to reach about 80 million subscribers worldwide, with about 50 million in the United States, a source briefed on the plans told Reuters. These are ambitious goals, similar to the early days of Netflix Inc and, in the long run, to Disney +, a competitor to Netflix, which is scheduled to launch on November 12..

AT&T, saddled with $ 162 billion in debt, faces a host of challenges. Time Warner’s $ 85 billion acquisition, now called WarnerMedia, was completed in February.

WarnerMedia hopes the service will gain momentum for growth in 2021 when it launches an ad-supported option at a lower cost, insiders said..

After it launches the ad-supported option, the company will add direct programming to HBO Max..

HBO Max’s long-term goal is to help AT&T retaining wireless subscribers, executives said, and allowing the company to combine wireless data and DirecTV satellite data to learn more about consumers and, in turn, charge higher rates to advertisers..

AT&T with HBO Max challenges Netflix, Apple and Disney

As HBO Max enters the video streaming market, it faces a tough competitive environment. Although the Warner Brothers archive includes thousands of films and TV series such as «Radiance» and «Scooby Doo», it does not have the same brand awareness as Disney, which owns Pixar or Marvel.

Pricing could also be a hurdle: HBO Max is likely to cost slightly more than the $ 14.99 the company charges for HBO, while significantly more than competing services Apple Inc ($ 4.99) and Disney ($ 6 .99), and also slightly higher than Netflix’s standard $ 12.99 plan..

WarnerMedia wants to reach a younger audience that is used to streaming content and doesn’t want to pay for cable.

«We know that 75 million people range from two years of age to “young adults” available to us as potential new subscribers who are no longer part of the HBO universe», – stated in the company.

This explains the investment in shows such as «Circe», animated series «Gremlins», and reboot of the television series «Gossips», which will appeal to audiences under 40.

WarnerMedia is also investing in children’s content and will present «Sesame street» on HBO Max.

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