The Boeing 737 Max, after nearly two years of banned flights, will be allowed to fly in UK and EU airspace.

The British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced the resumption of flights on the infamous model. British airlines will be allowed to use the aircraft shortly after of how the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will also issue its final approval. However, the CAA stressed that the requirements for training pilots will delay the start of commercial flights for some time..

This is the most important a step in the return to service of the 737 MAX, once the most popular model of the American aircraft designer.

Regulatory approval came the same day, when Boeing posted a net loss of $ 11.9 billion for 2020, the largest in its history as the coronavirus pandemic and flight ban issues plunged revenues by 24%.

«We will never forget those who were injured in the terrible 2019 plane crashes involving the Boeing 737 MAX.. The decision to resume flights was carefully considered and considered. We would not allow an aircraft to return to the air, of which we are not 100% sure of its reliability. The modified version of the 737 MAX meets all the requirements of the regulators», – stated Richard Moriarty, CEO of CAA.

The CAA regains its responsibility for overseeing British airspace following the UK’s exit from the EU on 31 December. 

Two airlines from Foggy Albion (Irish Ryanair and Anglo-German travel company Tui) have aircraft of the aforementioned model in their fleets.. British Airways said that plans to buy 200 Boeing aircraft, but has not yet officially placed an order.

Tui Announces That It Will Allow Customers To Change Flights For Free If They Refuse To Fly 737 MAX. Ryanair will allow customers to do the same for the first three months of a reapproved aircraft.

Regulators have said that every 737 MAX aircraft will need to undergo software upgrades, overhaul of its automatic system, maintenance checks, operating manual updates and crew training before returning to service..

Boeing 737 MAX will return to EU and UK airspace

As a result, in the EU, each aircraft will have to go through an updated flight readiness directive, which will be monitored by the National Aviation Authority of each of the 27 member states of the bloc, which means that it may take some time before the 737 MAX takes to the air again. at Europe.

USA and Brazil also approved flights of this model.. EASA Executive Director Patrick Key noted that the regulator has not experienced any pressure from Boeing or other companies.

«The review was carried out in complete independence from Boeing or the Federal Aviation Administration and without any economic or political pressure. We insisted on our own solutions to meet our stringent security requirements», – he said.

Naois Connolly Ryan, whose husband died in an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash, said the victims’ families were not satisfied with the crash investigation. Some families objected to the resumption of flights 737 MAX.

«We are determined to find out exactly what Boeing knew about the dangers of flying on its model and hold them accountable for the deaths of our loved ones.», – she said.

A spokesperson for the aircraft designer said the lessons learned from the disasters changed the company and focused even more on the core values ​​of safety, quality and integrity, adding that Boeing will continue to work closely with regulators..

Boeing 737 MAX will return to EU and UK airspace

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