Former Boeing pilot on 737-MAX safety

Boeing will hire up to 160 new pilots to ensure the smooth return of its refreshed 737 MAX after its prolonged flight ban due to two plane crashes, sources told Reuters..

New employees will act as instructors or observers in the cockpit. The salary of each such crew member can be up to $ 200,000, with a total potential cost of $ 32 million..

The measures are part of Boeing’s strategy to re-launch its redesigned 737 MAX and rebuild confidence following accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia that killed a total of 346 people..

The plan also includes 24/7 surveillance of 737 MAX flights around the world and special instructions for flight attendants to reassure passengers expressing concerns about flying on the controversial model..

Pilots must have a thousand hours of instructor experience and no incident, accident or career disruption. They must also be licensed to fly the 737 MAX and other Boeing jets..

«We continue to work closely with global regulators and customers to safely bring the updated model back into service around the world.», – said a spokeswoman for Boeing.

Boeing and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) say the aircraft is one of the safest in the world after improvements in cockpit software and personnel training.

A smooth return to service is very important for an aircraft designer who lost about $ 20 billion over the year.

Boeing already has plans for an initial $ 1 billion investment in pilot recruitment, training and platform development for the next generation of flight personnel..

Boeing will recruit 160 new pilots for 737 MAX flight safety

However, safety experts noted that the decision to recruit pilots is unusual and signals Boeing’s desire to expedite the return to service of the 737 MAX..

Boeing has also set up a 24-hour surveillance hub at its facility in Seal Beach, California, where personnel using wide LCD screens will monitor fleet operations in real time to quickly resolve issues in the event of emergencies, sources told Reuters..

The company has negotiated with dozens of airlines to prepare documents that carriers will use to discuss the safety of the 737 MAX with passengers..

This includes a one-page brochure providing flight attendants with short, simple answers to passengers’ questions about what went wrong during the 737 MAX crash and how Boeing fixed all of these issues..

But the inclusion of language about «shared responsibility» led to delays and outrage in some airlines.

Indonesian investigators said Boeing failed to grasp the risks in its cockpit software, laying the foundation for disasters that also included airline workers and crew errors..

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