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Brexit deal terms may be unilaterally revised by the UK.

UK Cabinet Develops New Bill That Cancels Key Part Of Last Year’s Secession Agreement.

The move will remove the requirement for new customs regulations for Northern Ireland that prevented checks from being returned at the border with the Republic of Ireland.

Labor Party accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson at «retreat» from their previous promises.

Downing Street Says It Is A Contingency Plan In The Event Of Trade Failure.

Johnson is expected to state later that if the agreement is not concluded by October 15, both parties must «move on». The prime minister will tell EU colleagues that completing the UK exit from the bloc without a trade deal will still be «good result».

This comes after the main negotiator from the UK David Frost said the country is not «fears» go away.

Although the UK formally withdrew from the EU in January, it continued to follow the rules set in Brussels during the transition period, which ends in December, while discussions on a long-term trade agreement continue..

Another round of negotiations – the eighth – begins on Tuesday. It aims to secure a deal that will allow companies in the EU and the UK to trade tax-free and customs-free.

But on the eve of the resumption of negotiations, the Financial Times reported that the bill on the domestic market «will eliminate» the legality of an exit agreement, a deal made less than a year ago, in areas such as government aid and Northern Ireland customs.

Under the terms of the Northern Ireland Protocol, the region is expected to continue to adhere to some EU rules after the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020 to ensure that there are no tough border conditions..

The government’s plan, which is reported, will also overturn provisions on government aid – financial aid sometimes provided by the government to companies – which was one of the key points in the negotiations..

BBC Political Correspondent Chris Mason described it as «electrifying event in the Brexit process», which will «attempting to relieve the UK of its duty … to screen goods moving from the UK to Northern Ireland».

This commitment was aimed at preventing the return of infrastructure, such as border posts, along the UK’s border with the Republic of Ireland, which many fear could harm peaceful coexistence..

Jonathan Ashworth of the Labor Party said on BBC Radio 4: «Boris Johnson, I thought, told us he had a deal ready. And he fought in the general election, telling us he has a deal ready. [This] now suggests he misled people in that general election».

«And parliament backed the withdrawal agreement earlier this year. He made promises and signed a treaty for these arrangements for Northern Ireland and now he seems to be giving up on it.», – he added.

Deputy Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Michelle Oh&# 39; Neil tweeted that any threat of derogation from protocol would «a treacherous betrayal that will irreversibly harm the economy of all Ireland and the Good Friday agreement».

Prime Minister of Scotland Nikola Sturgeon stated that this step «will significantly increase» the probability of Brexit without a trade, and «as a result, the Tories will be completely damaged to the economy».

Michelle Barnier, a leading EU negotiator, has often insisted that compliance by both parties and implementation of their divorce proceedings is a key trust issue, fundamental to the success of trade negotiations.

If UK domestic legislation seriously undermines the EU exit agreement, a strong reaction from European countries can be expected. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland Simon Coveney already tweeted that it would be very unwise for the UK to act this way.

One EU diplomat called it «self-destruction strategy», stating that a planned bill could disrupt trade negotiations.

Much will depend on the details of the bill, which have not yet been disclosed..

And this is in addition to the Prime Minister’s statement that the failure to negotiate a trade deal with the EU would also be a good option for the UK, further spoiling the atmosphere during the eighth round of negotiations..

British Cabinet wants to renegotiate EU exit terms

Government sources told the BBC that the bill «is not aimed at disrupting negotiations», and a spokeswoman said the UK will continue to approach the negotiation process with the EU in good faith.

«As a responsible government, we are looking at fallbacks in case this is not achieved to ensure that Northern Ireland communities are protected.», – she said.

Foreign Minister on Sunday Dominic Raab told the BBC that two of the most contentious Issue: Fishing Rights and State Aid Rules.

The prime minister is expected to tell EU leaders it is time to close a trade deal. At the same time, it must be agreed in time by the European Council on October 15, so that the transaction will enter into force by the time of the end of the transition period..

«If by that time we cannot agree, then I do not see that there is a free trade agreement between us, and we must both accept this and move on.», – may Johnson say.

UK says it wants to strike a deal similar to Canada’s with the EU.

But Johnson will say that «no deal» means having «trade agreement with the EU, similar to the Australian», using trade protocols established by the World Trade Organization. In practice, this will mean export taxes and customs checks..

«This would be a good outcome for the UK», – the prime minister will say.

Johnson has to say that «we are preparing for this at our borders and in our ports», although groups representing road carriers have warned that the UK «rolls down in a dream to disaster».

The Prime Minister is expected to say that the UK «will always be ready to talk to our EU friends», even if no agreement is reached by finding «reasonable decisions on practical issues», including flights, freight and scientific cooperation.

Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier, who previously assumed that the end of October would be «hard deadline» to complete the next year’s agreement, accused the UK of wanting to «the best of both worlds» in trade negotiations.

He told French radio that the Northern Ireland protocol is critical to the integrity of the European single market and essential to the maintenance of peace..

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