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China wants another four-year term for Donald Trump as president of the United States because it is “easy to read,” says former Chinese senior official.

Donald Trump, whose trade war with China has upturned global supply chains and threatened global economic growth, will be most welcomed for the next four years. in the White House because it is easier to read than other American politicians. About it said the negotiator who led China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The daily posts of the President of the United States on Twitter broadcast his every utterance 67 million followers worldwide, making it «easy to read», says Long Yuntu, former vice minister of foreign trade and negotiator during China’s 15-year WTO accession.

«We want Trump to be re-elected. We would love to see this», – Long said at yesterday’s Credit Suisse investment conference in China Shenzhen.

Despite his volatility, Trump is a transparent and realistic negotiator who is concerned only with material interests such as forcing China to import more American goods. For these items Beijing may compromise, expressed confidence Long. Unlike his predecessors, Trump does not clash with China on such pressing geopolitical issues as Taiwan or Hong Kong, where Beijing has little room for maneuver, said Long, who now heads the Center for China and Globalization in Beijing..

«Trump is talking about material interests, not politics, Long told the South China Morning Post in Shenzhen. – Such an opponent is the best choice as a negotiator».

«It makes the decision-making process in the US efficient and transparent because it basically says what it is, ”Long said of Trump. “The pros [of Trump’s existence] outweigh the cons. We no longer need to waste time figuring out what Americans want or blindly looking for each other’s real reasons, as we are used to.».

China reads Trump easily and wants his second term

Contrary to what many politicians and business leaders think, Long does not believe the Trump administration has fundamentally changed its approach to China.. «Trade friction with China is only part of Trump’s global protectionist strategy», – he thinks.

The Chinese government has refrained from comments that indicate a preference for any particular candidate in elections in foreign countries. According to Long, China has repeatedly stated that it does not intend to challenge the hegemony of the United States, and the United States has reason to respect China as the No. 2 power with a huge market that cannot be ignored..

Long is optimistic that the two countries will soon reach a trade agreement, as it is in China’s interest to boost imports to become a trading superpower. Beijing was quick to loosen joint venture rules and is fully motivated to strengthen intellectual property protection as it becomes more innovative, he said. According to Long, «attacks» US on Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies and other tech firms will prove fruitless as both countries are already deeply entrenched in the global supply chain and interdependent.

Meanwhile, the WTO also needs reforming to make multilateral trade negotiations relevant again in a time of growing protectionism, Long said. The WTO should increase its credibility and efficiency in resolving trade disputes, the Chinese expert believes.

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