Brexit: UK does not trust EU’s ‘good faith’. Britain breaks rules on Brexit talks

London and Brussels have agreed to sit back at the negotiating table in the coming days to try to move closer to a trade agreement to prevent a painful UK exit from the eurozone at the end of the month..

Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson and Chairman of the EU Executive Commission Ursula von der Leyen instructed the diplomats to continue negotiations. Johnson said that this time he is very optimistic.

«Despite the exhaustion after almost a year of negotiations, and the fact that the release dates have been shifted several times, we believe that at the moment there is every reason to expect a productive discussion.», – said in a joint statement of the two politicians.

The UK left the EU in January but remains an unofficial member until December 31, when the end of the transition period during which it remained part of the EU’s single market and the Customs Union.

Johnson said both sides will try to be as flexible as possible, but Britain will not compromise on key positions, so no deal is most likely, and trade will return to the terms set by the World Trade Organization..

A definitive Brexit without a trade deal will hurt the EU economy, spill over into financial markets, trespass and wreak havoc in fragile supply chains across Europe and beyond.

«We welcome every opportunity to reach an agreement», – said the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Both sides are struggling to negotiate fishing rights in British waters. EU believes Britain must face repercussions if it deviates from the bloc’s fair competition rules in the future.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland Simon Coveney stated that, despite recent comments from the British side, he understands that the scales are tipping towards maintaining existing standards.

«I think both sides really want to close the deal ASAP», – Coveney told national broadcaster RTE. 

EU Chief Negotiator on Brexit Michelle Barnier today will inform the ambassadors of the bloc countries about the state of negotiations. EU diplomats told Reuters that if there is no time for it to be approved by the EU Parliament, then the participating countries can use the agreement reached by the negotiators to resolve «interim measures».

EU and UK do not lose hope to agree on Brexit

The British government has warned that even with a trade deal, 7,000 trucks heading to the ports of the English Channel in the southeast of England could stand in 100 km queues if companies do not prepare the necessary additional documents..

The UK is expected to speed up the transport of some perishable goods when the EU exit transition ends to help reduce anticipated port disruptions.

The Defense Department said four Royal Navy patrol ships will be ready by January 1 to help protect Britain’s fishing waters in the absence of a deal..

There are concerns about possible skirmishes between British and foreign fishing vessels in this scenario, as the existing rules giving EU ships access to British waters will expire.

President of the European Council Charles Michel told France Inter radio that the EU will remain cool.

«I will not threaten size like Donald Trump fleet. Complete composure will be maintained on our part», – he stressed.

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