House Democrats plan to pass the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package

The US House of Representatives on Thursday approved a $ 2.2 trillion Democratic aid plan for the COVID-19-affected economy. Bipartisan deal between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House never materialized.

Objections from leading Republicans will likely wrap up the Senate Democrats’ plan. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell named the price at $ 2.2 trillion «ridiculous», although the Democrats have cut the cost of their proposal by more than $ 1 trillion since May.

No Republican voted in favor of the Democratic Party’s plan, although 18 Democrats voted against, many of them are moderators from wavering constituencies who have called for Nancy Pelosi make a bipartisan proposal to the House of Representatives.

«Today’s package is another guerrilla manifestation that will never become law», – MP said Abigail Spahnberger, one of the Democrats who voted against.

Republican President’s Team Donald Trump in negotiations proposed her $ 1.6 trillion plan, and the White House on Thursday rejected the $ 2.2 trillion plan of the Democrats as frivolous.

Pelosi and the finance minister Stephen Mnuchin spoke every day this week, including a 50-minute phone call on Thursday, in an effort to negotiate a bilateral aid package in response to the economic fallout of the pandemic that killed more than 207,000 Americans and left millions out of work.

Congress and the White House approved more than $ 3 trillion of coronavirus measures earlier this year, but Mnuchin, as well as members of Congress from both sides, argued more incentives were needed..

When asked if there would be a decision following her talks with the administration on Thursday night, Pelosi responded to reporters: «No». She did not give details of the negotiations, but said: «Even if we come to some kind of agreement, nothing will be agreed until everything is agreed».

With no deal with the White House and with lawmakers preparing to leave Washington for the remainder of the 2020 presidential and congressional campaigns, the House of Representatives passed a Democratic majority on the Democratic proposal..

«Quite frankly, if we had reached a bipartisan agreement … we would not have had this bill, said the House Majority Leader. Steny Hoyer. – But we also want the American people to know the state of affairs.».

House of Representatives adopts Democratic economic aid plan

Pelosi and Mnuchin disagreed over aid to state and local governments, Democratic demands for tax breaks on children, and stricter measures to protect worker safety, provide health care, and help small businesses..

After a phone call from Pelosi and Mnuchin on Thursday afternoon, Deputy Chief of Staff of Pelosi Drew Hammill tweeted: «They discussed further clarifications on amounts and wording, but disagreement on key issues persists.».

White House spokesman Kaylee Makinani rejected the Democratic proposal as «frivolous proposal».

Pelosi said of the White House proposal on Bloomberg TV: «It’s not even half a loaf. What they offer is a crust of bread».

Republican Senator Mike Brown CNBC told CNBC on Thursday that a deal worth more than $ 1.6 trillion could be rejected by one-third to half of Senate Republicans. It will still allow the law to be passed with the support of the Democrats..

Lawmakers and securities analysts saw the talks as a final attempt to secure aid to tens of millions of Americans and businesses, including US airlines, which began laying off more than 32,000 workers ahead of the November 3 elections..

House of Representatives adopts Democratic economic aid plan

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