McDonald’s Rice Bun Burgers In Japan!!

McDonald’s starts selling rice bun hamburger in Japan next month, news drives the Japanese internet crazy.

Selling a hamburger with a rice bun called «gohan» in Japanese, starting February 5th. For consumers «offers a new flavor by transforming the bun into a specially prepared rice bun while retaining the ingredients and seasonings of the classic burger», McDonald reports&# 39; s Japan.

The buns are made with homemade rice and seasoned with savory soy sauce, which McDonald says&# 39; s, will allow consumers «enjoy the exquisite harmony of the new flavor of a regular hamburger, arising from an unexpected combination».

The hamburger will be of three types: teriyaki rice, rice-bacon-lettuce and fried chicken with rice. They will be on sale nationwide for a limited time under the menu «Night Mac», which is available from 17:00 until closing.

Ahead of its McDonald launch&# 39; s Japan Launches Mysterious Tweet That Creates A Rampage Among Twitter Users.

«Aaaa… i really want to eat rice», – posted by the company on Saturday. This post has already received over 233,000 likes and 56,000 retweets..

Some social media users predicted the launch of the rice bun hamburger and thanked McDonald&# 39; s. Several Japanese rice farms have offered to supply McDonald’s&# 39; s. Others hoped for a return to the curry, rice, and fried pork cutlet that graced McDonald’s Japanese lunch menus.&# 39; s in the 1990s.

«The response was overwhelming. People didn’t know there would be a new product, so it caused a lot of uncertainty. Everyone had a lot of hopes for what it would be», – a spokesman for Japanese McDonald told CNN Business&# 39; s Kokoro Toyama.

Toyama said the decision to launch the rice hamburger bun was based on customer feedback and market research that showed people in Japan in their 30s–For 40 years they preferred rice instead of bread for dinner, while also preferring teriyaki and fried chicken hamburgers. It was eaten by both teenagers and an adult audience..

Even an advertising slogan «gohan dekita you», which in Japanese can mean and «The supper is ready», and «rice is ready», was created with special emotional appeal for hungry visitors.

Japan gets hyped over McDonald's rice bun hamburger

«It’s a nostalgic phrase that sounds familiar and makes people feel at home, ”Tomoya said. – It’s like your mom says your dinner is ready».

McDonald&# 39; s not the only one making money off the emerging rice bun hamburgers. The company’s announcement follows MOS Burger, a rival Japanese chain that has been selling rice cake burgers for decades. MOS Burger invented its Rice Bun Burger in 1987 and claims to be the world’s first.

The company created this product to «take full advantage of Japanese staple foods», – told CNN Business Masakatsu Kido of MOS Burger’s international support department, adding that the rice bun hamburger «now recognized as an undisputed hit».

When McDonald&# 39; s announced its new rice bun burger, some Twitter users also pointed out that MOS Burgers already sells such a product and suggested that McDonald&# 39; s Japan was late to the stage.

McDonald’s announcement&# 39; s, however, shows how international brands shape their products according to the tastes of the local market – in this case, the Japanese consumer base, which may want rice instead of traditional burgers..

«We’ve had more and more customers saying they want rice for dinner, not bread, and so we want them to enjoy McDonald’s Rice Burger&# 39; s», – said Toyama.

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