Second impeachment process for Donald Trump may start as soon as Monday

According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll, 57% of Americans want Republican President Donald Trump to be immediately removed from office after he backed a protest this week that escalated into a full-scale riot on Capitol Hill..

However, most of them were Democrats, with Republicans apparently much more supportive. Donald Trump, serving the last days of his term, which ends January 20.

A national poll conducted on Thursday and Friday also showed that seven out of 10 Trump voters in November opposed the actions of his ardent supporters who stormed the Capitol as lawmakers gathered to finally confirm the Democrat’s election victory. Joe Biden.

About 70% of Americans polled also said they disapprove of Trump’s actions ahead of Wednesday’s attack. At a rally earlier that day, Trump called on thousands of his followers to march to the Capitol and protest..

The chaos on Capitol Hill, which killed a police officer and four others, was widely condemned by both Democrats and Republicans..

House Democrats plan to indict President’s misconduct on Monday, which could lead to a second impeachment of Trump, two sources familiar with the matter said..

«If the President does not leave office immediately and voluntarily, Congress will continue to initiate this process.», – said the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

The public response is divided by political party, as it was on nearly every major issue during the Trump era. While almost everyone condemned the bitter confrontation, calls for Trump’s resignation came mostly from Democrats..

Overall, the majority of Americans who said they want Trump to leave office before his term expires are nine out of every ten Democrats surveyed, and only two in ten Republicans..

Most Americans would like to remove Trump from office early

About 30% said the president should be removed from office in accordance with the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution, which allows the vice president and the Cabinet of Ministers to remove the president if he is unable to fulfill his office. responsibilities.

Another 14% said Congress should impeach and remove Trump from office, while 13% said Trump should simply step down..

Trump, who lost an election on November 3 by about seven million votes, urged his supporters to march to Congress on Wednesday, telling them at a rally that «you will never bring our country back with weakness».

A small number of members of the American public – 12% – said they support the actions of those who participated in the riots.

79% of adults, including two-thirds of Republicans and Trump voters, named participants either «criminals», or «fools». 9% counted them «caring citizens», and 5% named them «patriots».

The Reuters / Ipsos poll was conducted online in English across the United States. He collected responses from 1,005 American adults, including 339 of whom said they voted for Trump. Results have a confidence interval of 4 percentage points..

Most Americans would like to remove Trump from office early

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