Samsung Group appoints new mobile division chief in annual reshuffle 삼성그룹, 6명

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Monday named its junior president as its new head of smartphones as the company seeks to protect its leadership in the mobile phone market from growing challenges from competitors such as Huawei Technologies Co Ltd..

The South Korean firm has also promoted the head of its network equipment business, which analysts say has received backing from a U.S. campaign against Huawei..

Samsung ranked first among smartphones running on faster 5G telecommunications networks, but Huawei is expected to increase sales of 5G smartphones and hardware this year, leveraging its huge domestic market..

«The reshuffle at Samsung appears to be geared towards coping with potential major market changes with new technology, says analyst Tom Kang at Counterpoint. – The young leader is known to play a critical role and therefore can respond quickly to this change to protect Samsung’s leadership from Huawei».

World leader in smartphone manufacturing Samsung held 21% of the market in the third quarter, but Huawei closed the year with 18%, the latest data from Counterpoint showed. This is even despite the May events, when Huawei was banned from doing business with most American companies, which deprived the Chinese manufacturer of access to technologies such as Android from Alphabet Inc..

Samsung has appointed Roh Tae Moon, currently its youngest president at 51, as the head of mobile in a reshuffle that came later than usual amid a series of lawsuits involving some of its top executives, including Jay Woo Lee..

Ro has championed Samsung outsourcing phone manufacturing to reduce costs and improve competitiveness with cheaper Chinese smartphone makers such as Huawei, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters..

Samsung Appoints New Smartphone Leader

As a former head of mobile development, Ro led the development of Samsung Galaxy’s mobile devices, tasked with freshening up the company during its intense competition with other smartphone makers, the South Korean company said in a statement..

Samsung’s Head of Networking, Jung Kyung Won, who participated in the world’s first commercialization of 5G services in South Korea, has been named President of Samsung to help turn networking into the core business of the corporation..

Samsung, which is lagging behind in the telecommunications networking equipment market, is investing in the business to capitalize on security concerns of market-leading Huawei..

Huawei is bogged down in denying the United States‘ claims that the Chinese state may use its espionage equipment and therefore should not be used on 5G networks.

Samsung Shares Up 2.5% vs. 0.9% vs. Benchmark Index.

Samsung Appoints New Smartphone Leader

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