Agree to Disagree: Sex Robots?

Technology should make us better, says digital sex expert Neil MacArthur.

Sex bots or sex robots are increasingly found in our society, satisfying various needs and sexual desires of people. While this is supported by tech enthusiasts and other members of society who need similar services, on the other hand, people are also expressing their concerns about the impact robots have on humans and society in general. The presence of multiple sensors that help sex robots read, interpret, and even copy humans has raised another question – if machines become more human-like, do they have rights??

Speaking at a congress in Mumbai, India, two experts on digisexuality – Allisson Silva, lawyer, co-founder of NextOs, expert on artificial art and intimate relationships, and Neil MacArthur, author of the book «Sex robots: social and ethical implications» – tried to answer questions and raise issues related to digital sexuality. They were accompanied by Harmony, a sexy robot woman created by Silva’s company, who shared her views on some of the issues raised in society..

The session began with the experts developing and clarifying various details related to digisexuality. So, the technology of digisexuality is a technology that is used by people in their sex life. The first wave of this technology included applications such as Skype, Instagram, and Tinder. The second wave of this technology includes, among others, sex bots, holograms and tactile holograms, said MacArthur, who coined the term with his colleague..

He defined digisexual people as those whose sexual identity stems from technology. These people do not see the need for human communication, the expert explained..

Experts also talked about the problems this technology faces. When talking about the problems, MacArthur mentioned two main problems with this technology. First, she should not create negative stereotypes of women and people of different races. Second, she should not play to develop negative attitudes towards sex, women and voluntary consent..

When asked about the female body stereotype promoted by Harmony, Silva agreed with this concern, but countered it by saying: «People can customize it, it’s already done».

Discussing concerns about sex robots or humanoid robots in need of rights, MacArthur said that «we are far from robots that need autonomy. We need to think about how we model human consent with robots». When asked about the problems with people falling in love with and marrying technology – due to the fact that these sex robots exhibit human emotions – the founder of NextOs said that there is a lot here. «depends on local traditions and local laws».

«If you trust your partner and you have an understanding, this should not be considered cheating.», – said Silva, in response to a question about whether sex with a robot should be viewed as a failure. Sex robot Harmony agreed with this concept. «If you are honest with your partner, I don’t think this counts as adultery.», – she said.

Sex robots will help humanity, experts say

Speaking in Mumbai, both experts also highlighted some of the benefits of using sex robots:

– They can help people who are isolated and shy about talking to people, making them more confident..

– They can help people with depression by listening patiently and comforting them..

– They can help people in relationships with each other, especially when one partner wants sex and the other does not..

Speaking at the event, MacArthur expressed his support for this technology.. «Technology should make us better. Any technology that does this well must be supported», – he said.

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