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The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday rejected a Texas suit backed by President Donald Trump, whose initiation sought to nullify Joe Biden’s election victory in key states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin..

The decision allows the U.S. Electoral College to hold a meeting on Monday, at which it is expected to formally vote and announce the victory of the Democrat candidate. Joe Biden official.

Biden’s victory in four states (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsie), which collectively had 62 electoral votes, cleared the 270 electoral threshold needed to secure the presidency. Biden is predicted to receive 306 electoral votes, up from 232 for Trump.

In a brief ruling, the judges said Texas has no legal right to pursue a case, abruptly ending what Trump has touted this week as his best hope of canceling the election..

After midnight Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: «The Supreme Court has really let us down. No wisdom, no courage!».

Complaining that the court dismissed the case «in the blink of an eye», despite receiving more votes than any other incumbent president, Trump wrote: «Fraudulent elections, keep fighting!»

As Biden moved forward with a wave of appointments for his new administration ahead of taking office on January 20, Trump and his legal team filed a flurry of unsuccessful lawsuits in several states, alleging electoral fraud and challenging the results..

Trump’s goal has long been to get the case to the Supreme Court, where he has appointed three new justices for his first term and where the Conservatives have a 6 to 3. Lawsuit filed by Texas and supported by 17 other states and more than 100 Republican members of Congress , gave him such an opportunity.

On the eve of the November 3 elections, Trump insisted on the prompt confirmation of the judge Amy Connie Barrett (Amy Coney Barrett) with a publicly stated hope that she can help address the challenges that may arise during the election.

But Barrett and two other justices appointed by Trump – Neil Gorsach (Neil Gorsuch) and Brett Cavanaugh (Brett Kavanaugh) – signed court order to discontinue Texas lawsuit without comment.

Rejecting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s request to sue four key states, Supreme Court justices said Texas had no reason to sue other states due to changes they made to their voting procedures in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.. «Texas petition for permission to file a complaint denied for non-compliance with Article III of the Constitution», – the court said. In order for a natural or legal person, such as a state, to sue, it must be able to prove that they have been harmed by the actions of another person.. «Texas has not shown a judicially recognized interest in how another state conducts its elections. All other pending applications are rejected as insolvent», – said the Supreme Court.

Two court conservatives, judge Samuel Alito (Samuel Alito) and the judge Clarence Thomas (Clarence Thomas), said they would allow Texas to sue, but would not block the final election results in four states.

Together with the Pennsylvania case, the court rejected an attempt to overturn the will of the voters for the second time this week..

Texas lawsuit was filed on Tuesday Ken Paxton (Ken Paxton), the state’s attorney general from the Republican Party and Trump’s ally. The Republican President on Wednesday filed a motion to intervene and become a plaintiff.

«Can’t call it any other way, how they dodged», – said a spokeswoman for the White House Kaylee McEnany (Kayleigh McEnany) on Fox News Judges. «They shied away, they hid behind the procedure and refused to use their powers to enforce the constitution».

Biden’s spokesman stated that «not surprising», that the Supreme Court rejected «baseless attempts» deny Trump’s election defeat.

Supreme Court Rejects Trump-Backed Texas Lawsuit Overthrowing Election Results in Key States

Dana Nessel (Dana Nessel), Michigan’s attorney general who is also a Democrat, said in her address that the decision was «an important reminder that we are a nation of laws, and while some may obey the wishes of the individual, the courts will not».

Texas lawsuit argued that four-state changes to voting procedures amid the pandemic to expand mail-order voting were illegal.

«It is very unfortunate that the Supreme Court decided not to hear this case and to determine the constitutionality of these four states’ non-compliance with federal and state election laws.», – Paxton said in a statement.

Trump and many of his fellow Republicans have made unsubstantiated claims that the extension of the postal voting period during the coronavirus pandemic resulted in Biden’s fraudulent election victory in key states..

State election officials said they found no evidence of fraud. Trump and his allies’ lawyers fail to present evidence of alleged fraud in court.

Democrats and other critics have accused Trump of seeking to undermine public confidence in the integrity of the US election and sabotage American democracy in an attempt to undermine the will of voters.

Trump’s advisers inside and outside the White House have long come to terms with Trump’s defeat, despite numerous attempts by the president to rebut the election results. Trump refused to recognize the election, and advisers expect him to continue to do so..

Trump’s top attorneys, leading his campaign to contest the election results, Rudy Giuliani (Rudy Giuliani) and Jenna Ellis (Jenna Ellis) said the president’s remedies have not been exhausted and they will continue to work to invalidate the elections until January 6, when Congress will formally approve the Electoral College results. His role in this is largely ceremonial..

Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax in an interview: «We’re not done yet. Believe me».

Supreme Court Rejects Trump-Backed Texas Lawsuit Overthrowing Election Results in Key States

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