President Trump and former VP Biden face off in first presidential debate — 9/29/2020

US President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden have fiercely clashed in chaotic and irascible debates over the coronavirus pandemic, health care and economics. Opponents allowed themselves personal insults and interrupted each other.

Donald Trump broke through a 90 minute debate trying to prick Joe Biden, arguing that Democrats will try to steal the November presidential election with ballots sent in the mail. The incumbent also refused to condemn the ultra-right speeches..

Fox News Moderator Chris Wallace had never controlled the debate before, but Trump consistently ignored his calls to let Biden speak. The two contenders for the White House discussed and insulted each other in a breathtaking political battle, which made it difficult for each of them to prove their point..

At one point, a disgruntled Biden said after repeatedly interrupting Trump: «Will you shut up, buddy? This is somehow not presidential».

Wallace tried in vain to calm down Trump, who ignored time regulations and talked about Biden.

«I think it would be better for the country if we allowed both of us to speak with fewer interruptions. I ask you sir to do it», – said Wallace.

As of Tuesday evening, more than 1.3 million Americans have already voted early. As the time is running out to change opinions or influence a small fraction of hesitant voters, the stakes are high. Two candidates took to the stage five weeks before election day on November 3.

For the 74-year-old Trump, Tuesday’s debate represented one of the few remaining chances to change the trajectory of the race. Most opinion polls show that he is on the losing end, as most Americans disapprove of his attitude to both the pandemic and protests against racial injustice..

Biden, 77, has consistently outpaced Trump in nationwide opinion polls. Although the most recent data suggest that the electoral competition will be much closer.

Trump has repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to intimidate Biden into an oversight, but has largely neglected any compelling arguments for why he is the best candidate to tackle fundamental U.S. problems..

The hyper-aggressive speech will almost certainly enthrall his main supporters, but unlikely to bring back critical voters, especially women from the suburbs, who have turned their backs on the president because of his divisive belligerent rhetoric, political strategists say..

Trump has an additional debate with Biden scheduled for October, followed by a VP debate next week. Mike Pence and Vice President Biden Kamala Harris.

Tuesday’s debate followed months of racial justice protests amid police brutality against black Americans. The protests were mostly peaceful, but sometimes led to violent clashes between liberal and right-wing protesters .

Trump, who took advantage of the riots to push through the slogan «law and order», asked if he was also prepared to condemn the white supremacists and tell them to leave. At first he said that he was ready to do anything for peace, but then he said that most of the violence came from the left wing..

«This is not a problem for the right. This is the left wing», – he said.

Trump also reiterated his unsubstantiated complaints that mailing ballots would lead to widespread electoral fraud and refused to commit himself to accepting the election results or to peacefully transfer power if the election fails..

«If I see how tens of thousands of ballots are being manipulated, I cannot agree with that, ”he said. – It will be the kind of scam you’ve never seen before».

Biden called on Americans to draw up a voting plan and assured voters that Trump would leave if the Democratic candidate wins. He said he would not declare victory until the result was confirmed..

«If we get votes, it will be over. It will go away», – said Biden.

Biden harshly criticized Trump’s report on the coronavirus pandemic, which killed more than 200,000 Americans, accusing him of failing to protect the population because he was more concerned about the economy..

«He panicked or looked at the stock market», – said Biden about Trump pushing for states to reopen their economies and not panic over the threat of a pandemic.

The first debate between Trump and Biden was held in an atmosphere of intransigence

«You have to get out of your bunker and golf course, walk into the Oval Office and (get) Democrats and Republicans together to fund what needs to be done now to save lives», – said Biden.

Trump touted his decision to restrict travel from China, where the virus allegedly originated, earlier this year, and also defended his approach to tackling the pandemic.. «We did a great job», – he stated.

Hours before the debate, Biden released his 2019 tax returns. Democrats called on Trump, who has been criticized for not publishing his tax returns, to do the same.

Biden took this step two days after the New York Times reported that Trump paid only $ 750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017 – and not once in 10 of the previous 15 years – after several years, his businesses reported sharp losses. Trump has always sought to keep his personal financial records private.

During the debate, Biden said Trump was able to bypass the tax code in such a way that «he pays less taxes than a school teacher».

Trump insisted that he paid millions of dollars in taxes, but said he could not prove it by publishing his reports before the audit was completed. He said that as a businessman he took advantage of the tax laws to pay less..

Presidential candidates have also argued over Trump’s attempt to quickly put his man in place on the U.S. Supreme Court following the death of a Liberal-wing judge. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Trump nominated judge for this post Amy Connie Barrett, which will secure a 6 to 3 majority in the vote for the Conservatives.

«I’ll tell you very simply that we won the elections. We have the Senate, the White House and a phenomenal candidate who is respected by everyone.», – Trump said.

Biden said that Ginsburg’s seat should be taken after the elections, when it becomes clear who will be president. He said a more conservative Supreme Court would jeopardize the affordable health care law known as Obamacare.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments shortly after the election over the protest of the Trump administration seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act, including its popular insurance guarantees for patients with pre-existing medical conditions..

Democrats claim Republicans are hypocritical for rushing to take the seat given that they blocked the then-president’s nominee Barack Obama to the Supreme Court in 2016, arguing that the matter should wait until the November elections.

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