Trump blames China for coronavirus outbreak, but US intelligence says otherwise

The US President said yesterday that he considers China’s actions to combat coronavirus direct evidence that Beijing will do everything possible to deprive him of the opportunity for re-election in November..

In an interview with the agency «Reuters» Donald Trump spoke harshly about China and said he was considering various options for retaliation. 

«I can do so much», – he said.

Trump blames the Celestial Empire for the emergence of a global epidemic, which killed at least 60 thousand people in the United States, and also plunged the American economy into a deep recession, jeopardizing the president’s hopes for another term.

He is often accused of not doing enough to prepare the country for the spread of the disease. Donald Trump himself points out that China should have been more active and persistent in informing the leaders of other countries about the terrible disease found in Wuhan..

When asked if he is considering using new tariffs or even debt cancellation for China, Trump did not say anything specific.. 

«There are many things I can do. While we study the situation», – he said.

«China will do its best to make me lose this battle», – added Trump. He is convinced that Beijing wants his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, won the race and weakened pressure that Trump put on China on trade and other issues.

The President noted that the first phase of the trade deal, which he concluded with the leader of the PRC Xi Jinping, was «very badly destroyed» economic impact of the virus.

Trump blames China for pandemic again

Senior Trump administration official on condition of anonymity said that unofficial «truce» in the war of words that Trump and Xi Jinping agreed on during a phone call at the end of March, now appears to be over.

Both leaders have pledged that their governments will do their utmost to work together to contain the spread of the coronavirus. but In recent days, Washington and Beijing have exchanged increasingly harsh reproaches over the origin of the virus and the response to it.

Trump is making efforts to to keep the economy The United States is afloat through incentive payments to individuals and companies, and by pushing governors to reopen states when there is a systematic decline in the number of new infections. He said he was pleased with how nearly all governors are doing in the current environment. The names of those whom he was not happy with he did not name.

Trump’s fight against the virus has come under public scrutiny. 43% of Americans approve of his actions. Trump also seeks an accelerated vaccine development schedule.

At the end of the interview, Trump commented on a hot topic from a video filmed by someone from the Navy, which allegedly recorded an unidentified flying object..

«I’m just wondering if this is true. This is just a hell of a video», – Donald Trump thinks.

Trump blames China for pandemic again

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