Trump threatens to shut down social media platforms

The US President threatened to regulate or completely close social networks in the country the day after Twitter marked one of his publications with an exclamation mark, which means “information needs verification.”.

Donald Trump accused major social media platforms of political bias, claiming they deliberately muffle the voices of conservative politicians. He promised to tightly regulate or close media resources for such behavior.. 

Senator last year Josh Hawley introduced a bill that would amend the law to remove defenses from liability if platforms could not convincingly prove that their content removal practices were politically neutral. However, the legislation did not provide for the prosecution of any co-founders..

Trump’s threat to regulate media platforms is not new. His former chief strategist Steve Bannon put forward the idea of ​​classifying platforms like Facebook and Google. However, the Trump administration effectively deregulated another part of the internet ecosystem, as the Republican-controlled FCC overturned net neutrality rules for ISPs like AT&T and Comcast.

The closure of social networks will require the adoption of a special act, which could provoke a constitutional dispute. The first amendment restricts government attempts to regulate free speech, rather than private platforms that have their own terms of service for users.

However, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites enjoy broad immunity from third party content posted on their sites through a section of the law. «Decency in communication». 

After Trump’s threats, Facebook and Twitter shares fell on preliminary bidding.

Trump threatened to shut down social media

The public has long criticized Twitter for allowing the president to spread conspiracy theories and carry out information attacks on opponents, despite his anti-disinformation policy..

The discontent intensified especially after Trump’s tweet, in which he groundlessly claimed that the host of MSNBC Joe Scarborough was involved in death of the intern Laurie Klausutis during the days when he worked as a US Congressman.

It’s worth noting that tech companies have tightened their editorial policies in recent years amid criticism that their approach to freedom the words allowed disinformation to flourish. This prompted Trump to blame social media for possible interference in the upcoming U.S. presidential election..

In a couple of morning posts, the president noted that remote voting in elections could lead to falsification of results and similar fraud..

Trump threatened to shut down social media

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