US: Boeing engineers, management blamed for 737 MAX crashes

The two crashes involving the Boeing 737 MAX model, which killed 346 people, were the result of the failures of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the US House of Representatives commission concluded after a lengthy investigation..

«The accidents were not the result of a single failure or mismanagement. It is the result of a series of fatal technical errors by Boeing engineers, lack of transparency from Boeing management, and weak FAA oversight.», – said in a report by the House of Representatives Committee on Transport and Infrastructure.

737 MAX aircraft were banned from service in March 2019.

«Boeing failed in 737 MAX design and development, and FAA failed aircraft designer oversight and aircraft certification», – indicated in a report detailing a number of problems in aircraft design.

Boeing replied that «learned many hard lessons from these disasters, and the mistakes that led to them».

The company said it is fully committed to a House committee and that the revised design work for the 737 MAX has undergone intensive internal and external audits of over 375,000 engineering and test hours and 1,300 test flights..

FAA Says It Will Work With Lawmakers «to implement the improvements indicated in the report». It focuses on advancing overall aviation security by improving its own organization, its processes and culture..

The report said Boeing made erroneous assumptions about the aircraft’s design and performance, especially with respect to a safety system called MCAS, which was associated with both crashes..

U.S. House of Representatives blames Boeing and FAA engineers for two 737 MAX crashes

The pilots were not sufficiently informed about MCAS operations until the first crash happened.. Last year, the National Transportation Safety Commission discovered that Boeing overestimated the ability of the pilots deal with a lot of warnings during crashes.

Boeing has made changes to the MCAS system that remove some of the functions from it, give pilots more control over the situation and provide the safety system with more data before it is activated.. This was listed among other changes that regulators considered as part of the aircraft recertification process. However, the FAA still requires new guarantees for MCAS..

Michael Stumo, whose daughter died in the first crash, said Boeing and regulators hadn’t done the job of fixing the mistakes. And the fact that a second similar catastrophe soon occurred – it’s entirely their fault.

The tragedies sparked the largest crisis in the company’s history. Its best-selling aircraft were locked in hangars indefinitely, increasing costs and crashing profits.. These mistakes were worth Dennis Muehlenburg his positions as CEO of Boeing and prompted the company to undergo internal restructuring to improve its approach to aviation safety. 

However, the aircraft designer’s problems don’t end with the 737 Max.. The company recently discovered defects on some 787 Dreamliners, prompting additional inspections and tests that slowed down the delivery of the model..

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