U.S. House of Representatives passes US$ 740 bil. national defense authorization bill

US House of Representatives passes its version of the National Defense Act (NDAA), which has a budget of $ 740 billion.

The bill was supported by 295 congressmen, 125 were against. This opens a path to negotiate with the Republican-led Senate on the NDAA compromise option that Donald Trump then sign or veto.

Earlier, the White House issued an official statement that the US President will veto the bill if he requires the Department of Defense to rename military facilities named after Confederate officers due to their slave-holding past. The Democratic initiative proposes a ban on the use of Confederate flags on any military property, including vehicles, living quarters and clothing. The only exceptions are museums, Ministry of Defense property and tombstones..

«We are outraged by the regular efforts to eradicate from the history of the nation those who do not meet the ever-changing standards of behavior.», – said in an official statement.

The White House is also opposed to NDAA regulations, which are believed to infringe on Trump’s credibility. In particular, we are talking about measures to restrict the use of funds in the war in Afghanistan and control over the deployment of National Guard troops in the United States..

State and local leaders oppose the recent use of National Guard troops during anti-racist demonstrations.

US House of Representatives approves new $ 740 billion military budget

The Senate on Tuesday rejected an NDAA amendment that would have banned the Pentagon from transferring military equipment to local police for use against demonstrators. 

Colorado Republican during debate Doug Lamborne stated that this amendment «hinder and delay» efforts of the executive to maintain internal peace. He named her «political trick».

Pentagon spokesman said he expects to resolve differences between Congress and the White House. «Of course, everyone understands the importance of the NDAA. The bill will be signed and implemented on time so that we have a decent budget for our armed forces», – he said.

Congress adopts NDAA for 59 consecutive years. It is one of the few major pieces of legislation viewed as «obligatory». It regulates virtually the entire segment, from wage increases and changes in benefits for military personnel, to how many aircraft should be purchased and how to compete with Russia and China..

US House of Representatives approves new $ 740 billion military budget

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